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March 2015


I was sitting by the fire Saturday morning actually watching it snow. Not a lot, not enough, but actually seeing accumulation on my deck. It is weird how it affected me. It was like watching a loved one get off the plane. I am emotionally tied to frozen water crystals. Growing up in New England, or for that matter anywhere that it is supposed to snow in the winter, it is abnormal not to see snow around in winter. It is somehow ingrained in your very being I believe. Speaking of New England, as many know, they have broken records on the amount of snow they received this year. Friends from there were initially gloating over all the snow they had. Not so much now as they are not prepared to handle it from a municipality level like we are. You might say the fun is over for them.  Especially since they have had incredibly cold temps as well. Hell, the waves coming into Nantucket are freezing!

So like I said I was watching it snow. Finally. It is not enough to end our drought, to fill our lakes or for us to have held the Great Ski Race which was supposed to be yesterday. In hindsight, I should have raised a glass of Sierra Nevada. Instead...I actually took some turns at Alpine which was a lot of fun!
As we all know, this is 3 out of 4 years that we have had to cancel. One year, right after we did cancel, it snowed like crazy. I was hoping that this was that year again. A consolation prize of sorts. But not this time.  Not yet. So we all lost the race this year. And the funding that goes with it. Tough on the team.

However, even tougher is the loss of Kevin Murnane. Kevin has been a big supporter of TNSAR and the TGSR over the years. He was the general manager of Tahoe City Cross Country Ski Center.

Personally, I did not know Kevin except as the buoyant individual who popped in to our meetings prior to the TGSR. Since our race has been cancelled of late, I had not seen him.  Truthfully I have never ever been to the TC facility. I do not skate ski, do not own spandex and when I do cross country ski, I muck about in the woods or fields far away from the maddening crowd.

However, in talking to members of the team and others recently, I have heard that Kevin was a great guy. His loss has hit the team hard. His family I am sure so much harder. I lost my brother to a diving accident last year and am still dealing with it. Daily. When I saw Leonard Nimoy had died Friday I went to call my brother as he was a huge Star Trek fan back in the 60’s. A call I can’t make. Still, it took me a second to realize it. And it hurt.  

There was a fundraiser Friday night at Granlibaken for Kevin’s family. I was not able to attend due to work but from what I was told there was not a parking place to be had anywhere. A huge turn out to honor him and support his family.

For anyone wishing to donate money to the Murnane's, an account has been set up at U.S. Bank to accept donations/contributions. Any contributions can be made at the local TC branch, in person, or via your personal on-line banking via “pay a person”. The account information is as follows:

Routing Number: 121122676
Account Number: 153498736674

If you wish to send a card:  PO Box 6346 TC 96145

What I would ask is that you donate what you can. A little or a lot. He leaves behind his wife and 2 young kids. That kind of hits home to me and probably many others as well.
I also ask you to look around, at friends, at family, team members and maybe just people who you see daily at the coffee shop, the hardware store or wherever else you go that are part of your lives. Reach out to them and let them know they make a difference. After 911, for a few months the country came together, everyone slowed down and took a look around. We're nicer. Spent time with family. I guess what I am saying is the person you see every day may not be there tomorrow. May even be on the wrong side of a search some night.

So Kevin, thanks for the snow. Thanks for the support all these years. May your skis never need wax wherever you are.  Safe travels.

Searching the skies for more flakes,


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