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January 2017

New Year. New President. New Years Resolutions.

My resolution is to be more positive all the time. I really think I am going to really try. It can be Hard. It is easy to buy into the negative of things sometimes. It is easier to offer criticism than to work sometimes for a solution.

To search for a solution. To rescue a situation.  A search and rescue of a different kind!

That being said, if I mention “Wow…I wish it wasn’t raining out…in December” that is not necessarily negative. That is an observation. It is also a personal reflection. In a puddle. Of rain. See my point!

On that note of positivity, this is pretty promising!


Some may see some rain on the 9th but I see snow on every other day. About time. See how that positive spin is already working!

Okay…enough reflection and goal setting.

Reporters & Photographers

Well…It seems I have some independent reporters out there assisting me in this newsletter endeavor and for that I am eternally grateful. With that, here is the news!

The following names have NOT been changed to Not Protect the NON innocent.

Challenge Coins

So I missed the last meeting due to a conflict with the changing Monday and a prearranged gathering. I missed the challenge coin distribution. Challenge coins it seems were a tradition started in the military.

There are many examples of traditions that build camaraderie in the military, but few are as well-respected as the practice of carrying a challenge coin—a small medallion or token that signifies a person is a member of an organization. Even though challenge coins have broken into the civilian population, they're still a bit of a mystery for those outside the armed forces.


 For those of you who may have missed the meeting as well, it seems coins have been passed out to team members as a means to further instill camaraderie amongst us. As if needed.

The plan is fairly simple…….you must always carry said coin on you at all times. That is it. If you get caught without said coin, you are financially responsible for buying said individual or individuals who caught you a drink. Sounds like a way to instill free drinking to me. Needless to say, there have already been some who have had to lighten their wallet in a libation tax of sorts. How is that Camaraderie feeling now Scott?

Not only is he obviously caught empty handed….look at the look on his face.

Classic Dog Ate My Homework

It appears first lady Brenda stumbled onto this individual at Moe’s BBQ and thereby profited from Scott’s indifference to his team. You would think he would go home complaining to Kim (unless he wasn’t supposed to be there) and she would learn from his mistake. You would think. But alas, both Kim and Debra were also caught soon thereafter, again by Brenda, and were forced to pay out.

Seems like Brenda is on the prowl for miscreants or one could say she spends a lot of time in bars. Either way..... Beware!!! 

Crossing the Line

So it appears as though one of our team members was also caught but this time it was not the coins per say. Rumor has it that this individual is somewhat vocal as a ski purist. Well unfortunately for him, it seems Mount Rose has a surveillance patrol. Albeit one with pigtails! During her ever vigilant patrol she stumbled over one of our team out for a sled assisted ski day on the slopes of Mount Rose. Waitaholdit. Is that Brenda again? Holy crap…is she part of Fox Force Five!

Why Mount Rose? Was he hoping to sneak across the state line where he might not be seen by fellow team members? Out of State..out of Mind? Or was it more of what happens on Rose stays on Rose? I cannot personally confirm or deny these allegations but suffice it to say that if true, he is definitely looking somewhat sheepish here.

It  kind of looks like Troy to me although the photo is a little blurry. No…that was me. My glasses were dirty.  Troy kind of has that look on his face of “Ha ha…you caught me. But you really aren’t going to tell anybody right?” Stop by Gallery 5830 now that the tourists are gone and harass him. Then buy something artful. Then check for his coin! There are a plethora of bars nearby for him to pay up show he be caught without.

Makes me wonder who else (Dirk) might be out there sneaking some skiing in behind these confounded powered contraptions!

Christmas Video

Not sure how this one went down exactly but it seems Train made a video recently in the Tahoe basin and actually used some of our team members in the production.

See if you can count how many team members (and possibly their offspring) are in this short piece of film.


Maybe it is me, and not knowing Train that well, but I had to watch a couple times to make sure that was not Bob Wright waking up on that boat and somehow jumping into a truck. Not saying that Bob has or has not woken up in the back of a boat but there is a similarity that is somewhat alarming. Looks like Bob is not saying anything in regards to it.

For that matter, nor is the star of the video!


More Film

This Thursday, January 5th is the 11th annual Winter Film Series that will benefit Nordic Search and Rescue. This will be held at Olympic Valley Lodge at Squaw Valley. Team members needed. I imagine it will be a topic of discussion at this mionths meeting.

Check out: https://www.facebook.com/events/1609665296002483/

Avalanche Training

Seems Devin and Pat trained the Fallon NAS on avalanche one day before the Mt. Rose avalanche.  I am always impressed when the door rolls up at our team garage and I see our Team Truck and the Snowcat inside ready to roll. That being said, this is pretty impressive. We don’t have one of those.

Final thoughts:

And if a picture is worth a thousand words…

Because truthfully …I’ve got nothing to say here. Seriously…Nothing.

Here is to a great 2017 to everyone. Keep safe. Enjoy the snow. Practice positivity!

Peace out,



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