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May 2016

Dang. Mayday. Not like in HELP but as in the 1st day of May. Again. So soon!

So as the sun slowly sets…no I mean as the snow slowly melts…(well the sun actually melts the snow so this gets confusing)......so ends another year of TNSAR. That is not to say we won’t get a summer call out (as we never know who may wander where) but for the most part our job is done for another year. Due to the snow this past year, we had a significant number of searches in 2015/16. Skis were skied, snowmobiles reved and relieved individuals brought home. To yet other relieved individuals. Unfortuantely, not all searches are successful but it is not for lack of effort of our team. I am proud to be associated with such a fine group of individuals.

Alphabet Soup

So first let us welcome the latest upgrades to our team. Congratulations to X and Y for getting onto A and B teams respectively. 

Oh..wait..that is not them. That is Hazel and her suitor!  I would have pictures (and your names of course) but it seems as though I was dealing with wrestling pups who distracted me! They were wrassling at my feet and by the time I heard the announcement, dragged my phone/camera out of my pocket..you guys were gone. And I forgot to follow up. I apologize but congratulations to you unsung heroes!! So...here are the cuplrits instead.

Thank you to Ray and Sarah for bringing your amorous hounds to the meeting. Neither of which it seems are fixed (although I am not sure how they were  broke to begin with.) 

Does anyone want a puppy!!?

Wilderness First  Aid

Last month we had the opportunity to attend an excellent class put on by Bill Seline of Truckee Fire. It was a 2 day course on wilderness first aid.  Many of the things we learned could be applied to most daily situations but the difference to the wilderness aspect is what to do when help is not right around the corner. Often times, doing what we do, it is not. We had a good turnout of the team (close to 20) and some guy named Pete from Maine. 

The benefit of these classes was that it was part lecture, part video, part in class demonstration and then lastly outdoor simulation. Seeing as the first day was a little on the rainy side, it was good we did most of the stuff in class on Saturday. This included but was not limited to use of the A.E.D., CPR, splinting, bandaging and even a little heimlich technique. 

Here Bill shows how to apply your basic head tourniquet to silence Tony. Kind of seems as though he smiling. Bill that is...not Tony.


Here Bernie (the one not constantly in the news these days) shows his technique for reviving someone who has lost both his arms and lower torso. Not sure if that would work Bernie but the intense eye contact might help. Teamed of course,with that sexy accent from across the pond.


Bernie keeps his friend at arms length while Amy seems a little more personal in her approach.


Did I mention guys you might want to focus on the missing extremeties?

Obviously, these are the CPR manequins that we worked with to fine tune our skills. It is actually somewhat tiring to keep a 100 repetitions a minute up for long. Even for a brute like Bernie. The deal is you switch out hopefully with a partner. And the rescue breaths, 2 after 30 compressions. Attagirl Amy.

We were also so fortunate as to spend that Sunday with Chris on his birthday. Thanks to Brenda for bringing Birthday Treats to share! I am not sure what birthday tradition this is exactly Chris but thanks also to Geoff for being such a good sport. 

In some countries, they might be legally married!! 


We even had a guest appearance by our own Eric Stendell. He was able to offer his expertice to the class. Here however I believe he was recounting a fish he caught one time. Wait...size matters? 

It was all great to learn in class of course but the highlight of the weekend is the outddor simulations we were involved in. Some team members, and Pete, were set up in the surrounding woods as victims and the remaining team members were then sent out to ascertain exactly what happened and how to treat the individual. It definitely gets your pulse rate up as you go down your list and try to be thorough while someone is moaning or being semi combative. And your instructors are perched over your shoulder!! 

Pete's not looking so good in this simulation. Maybe it was the abdominal exam?



Speaking of simulations, they are invaluable tools to help us be ready. We train and are expected to respond to accidents as quickly as possible using the skills practiced . Another use of simulations is to teach others.  Last week, a CHP program called "Every 15 Minutes" was enacted to hopefully prevent potential accidents at the high School level. “The Every 15 Minutes program is a two-day program focusing on high school juniors and seniors, which challenges them to think about drinking, driving, personal safety, the responsibility of making mature decisions and the impact their decisions have on family, friends, their community, and many others.” This was done throughout the California school systems.

On a local note, Truckee fire, police and even Care Flight were engaged to show this lesson to our high school students. Sure it is a little "scared straight", but combined with ones actual peers and their families, it has the chance to portray a very strong message. There is even a pretty powerful video put together by the Truckee media club. As a parent, watching the portion where the parents visit the hospital to say goodbye to their daughter brought yours truly to tears. And yes, that is team member Jonathan Laine as the doctor.


 The Rest of the Story

So we all know our pistol packing pal Sage Bourassa. Sage attends most meetings as a member of Placer County Sherriffs Department and is there to offer us valauable assistance  on our searches. Lo and behold, there is also the other side many might not know. I recently visited Sage at her ranch where she is truly at home amongst her equine friends. Here is Miss Bourassa with her horse Marshal.


And here they are all cleaned up.  


Can someone say Summer Horse Team?

Sierra Nevada Brewery

I know we have a lot of sponsors who help make the GSR a success. Without all their support, no race! We all know Sierra Nevada donates the liquid libations to the end gala. However, as beer boss, I would like to do a shout out to the individuals behind the corporation who help to put the “fun” into our function! 

Specifically Brian Kracht (who is pictured here holding a Sierra Nevada plaque I made on the laser whilst doing the award plaques) and Eric Kelso & Zoe Nelson, our past and present on site beer reps respectively.


So that about wraps up what I have for this edition. Perhaps over the summer I will be inspired to dig deeper for more "content". Or since Mark has recently scanned and put on line almost all the past newsletters, I can "search" through them for hidden gems. 

Don't forget to bring yourself and your appetite to this Mondays meeting! Who knows what the Schroepfer's have come up with to satiate our appetites. And of course , we get to vote!

Putting the typewriter away for the summer,

Hoyt Out


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