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TNSAR Search 12/21/2012

Missing Person Speckled Ave. Kings Beach

Submitted by Dirk Schoonmaker

On Wednesday night, the 19th, a depressed gentleman left a party on Speckled Ave, in Kings Beach and headed to his girlfriend's house on Cambridge Ave. He was inebriated. He never made it. On Thursday afternoon his friends filed a Missing Persons Report. On Friday afternoon the Sheriff's Department pinged his cell phone and got a location between Park Ave and Bend Ave, in Kings Beach. They decided to call TNSAR to search the area of the ping. 5 members showed up and searched in the back yards of houses on Park and Bend, but found no cell phone or Missing Person. Since the house on Speckled from which the Missing Person departed backed on forest, it was decided that the 5 members would search the forest between Speckled and Cambridge. This was done and no Missing Person was found. The search for the Missing Person was called off.

Later in the evening The Missing Person was found drinking beer in the California Motel in Kings Beach.

Dave Hunt
Rick Wroobel
Brenda McConnellDoug Read
Dirk Schoonmaker
Scott Shane
Chris McConnell
John Pang

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