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TNSAR Search 5/27/2013


Submitted by Devin Hiemstra

The team was paged out at 2152 on Memorial Day for a lost mountain biker in Ward Canyon. Initial reports indicated that MP was last seen at approx. 1500 while mountain biking toward Stanford Rock. MP had intermittent cell phone conversations with PCSO, reported that he got off course near Stanford Rock due to Snow and had moved down hill before getting stuck.

At approx. 2300 the team deployed in freezing heavy rain with hikers Russ, Gerald, and Devin taking the east trail toward Stanford Rock; Paul, and Matt taking the western trail toward Stanford; Scott M took the western trail on motorcycle, and Ray and Scott B Drove the surrounding roads in a jeep trying to contact the RP and determine location with lights and flares. The hiking teams connected at Stanford rock, spread out, and began searching downhill. Meanwhile Scott M followed clues of MP on foot.

Scott M found MP at approx. 0345 May 28. MP was cold and exhausted but otherwise ambulatory. Paul, Matt, and Devin hiked back up toward Stanford Rock and connected with Scott M and MP to hike up to Stanford Rock and pick up the trail, and hike out. Once back on the trail, Scott M took MP on motorcycle and met up with Ray and Scott B to transfer MP to Jeep at approx. 0545. The MP and all searchers were out of the field at approx.. 0700. There was no need for Medical assistance.

Notes: a combination of Cell Phone pings and coordinates gave results everywhere, Squaw Valley High Camp, Paige Meadows, to Ward Canyon. After the MP reported seeing lights believed to be PCSO, Flares were used to Confirm MP location and narrow search zone.

Dave Hunt

Terri Viehmann


Gerald Rockwell
Devin Hiemstra
Matt Jacobs
Paul Kitano
Russ Viehmann

Ray O'Brien
Scott Baumgardner

Scott Meyer

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