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TNSAR Search 8/07/2015

3 youths, 3 adults Going For Eagle Scout Hiking Badge

Submitted by Dirk Schoonmaker

Nick needed his Eagle Scout hiking badge, so his family (3 adults, 3 youths total) decided to join him for the 10 mile hike- they just forgot to bring a map. They left Alpine Meadows, went over Five Lakes, down to Whiskey Creek, turned left and went past Diamond Crossing and then 4/5 of the way up the Powderhorn Creek trail (about 11 miles from their start) before they decided that was not the way home. They went back the way they came and got just north of Diamond Crossing before they lost the trail and ended up west of Five Lakes Creek in a driving rain storm at about 7 pm. They called 911 asking for help.

CHP helicopter H20 spotted them but could not land nearby so TNSAR was dispatched. Team 2 got a flight to within 1/2 mile with H20 and Team 1 hiked in after getting a ride to the end of Troy Caldwell's valley. The helicopter riders made contact at about 10 pm and the hiking team joined them at about 11. All 6 lost folk were cold and wet, but after being given warm, dry gear, food and water they were ready to get home. The hike out via Five Lakes was slow and the group arrived back at the Command Post at 4:00 am.

Dave Morris
Paul Long
Kelli Twomey
Ray O'BrienDirk Schoonmaker
Steve Twomey
Devin Heimstra
Matt Jacobs

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